In order to obtain the perfect cottage charm and housely feeling in your kitchen many details are important.  The quality and style of your kitchen are to be completed by the right paint on the walls, decorations and last but not least the right floor.

Nevens Natuursteen NV offers specially eldered floors in the materials the company offers for the kitchen worktop: Belgian Blue stone, Carrara marble, Botticino,  Rouge Belge and Gris des Ardennes.  Our eldered floors are new but are worn out as if monks have been going about in your kitchens since a few hunderd years.

These floors will add class and charm to your kitchen.

Belgian Blue Stone combined with small squares of Carrara marble eldered:

vloer IV keulen 2015

vloer III keulen 2015vloer I keulen 2015





Combination of Carrara marble and Belgian Blue Stone eldered:

vloer II keulen 2015





Combination of Rouge Belge and Gris des Ardennes (not eldered):

foto vloer rouge belge met Gris des Ardennes 2 foto vloer Rouge Belge en Gris des Ardennes 3foto tegels Rouge Belge en Gris des Ardennes I

One thought on “Floors

  1. Gauthier

    Ik zou een lambrisering willen in rouge belge
    Ik denk een 25 meter
    Zou u mij dat kunnen leveren ?
    En kan u mij daar ongeveer een prijs op plakken de m2


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