Once you have decided to go for a marble worktop you have the option to bring the ‘cottage’ level of yo4F3B0076ur kitchen to the next level by choosing for a milled kitchen sink.

A milled kitchen sink is a sink made out of the marble of your choice.  The shape of the sink is milled out of one solid block of marble using a combination of CNC-machine power and some of our craftsman’s time for manual finishing.cropped-4F3B03772.jpgMost of our clients invest in a milled kitchen sink of the same marble as their worktop.  The added value to the kitchen is significant.  A well designed combination of milled sink and worktop is unbeatable.  It is obvious that the milled sink can serve several generations of cooking amateurs.

4F3B0698One can choose a single or a double sink (in both cases they will be produced out of one single block of marble).  Sometimes we produce on demand a combination of a big and smaller sink in one piece.  In theory any combination is possible as the sinks are always made on demand and according to specifically drawn plans.

At Nevens Natuursteen NV we have stock of thick slabs in order to produce the sinks together with your worktop.  In fact, we assure that the slab used for the production of the sink comes from the same block as the slabs used for the worktop.  This guarantees that the colour and drawings of the marble of the sink coincide with the one of the worktop.  Obviously this is very important as differences between the sink and the worktop would be very noticable and undesirable.4F3B0083